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  For three decades, attorney Margaret Walton has guided clients through the stressful ordeal of divorce. She is a Specialist in Family Law as certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization. Her depth and breadth of experience in divorce law enables her to understand the complexities of relationships and financial circumstances critical to achieving the best outcomes for her clients.

  Whenever possible, Margaret strives to avoid the "bitter" divorce, which is costly emotionally and financially. However, whether your situation calls for skillful mediation or vigorous advocacy, you can rely on Margaret to faithfully champion your interests and those of your children.

  No divorce completely puts a marriage with children asunder. Former spouses are indefinitely linked by arrangements for child custody, visitation and support, which in turn affect grandparents and other family members. And these arrangements usually evolve as parents’ circumstances change and their children mature.

 It is the challenge of creating an arrangement best for both children and parents that makes an amicable divorce so desirable. Both as legal advocate and as a mediator, Margaret has helped scores of couples craft agreements for child custody, visitation and support. She is also a formidable advocate for the enforcement of those agreements.

  Margaret has handled numerous complex divorce cases. She has considerable expertise in the valuation and division of high value assets such as businesses, partnerships, real estate, art, objets de’art, antiques, jewelry, securities and other high-value assets.

  When circumstances dictate, she can summon the expertise of valuation experts, including forensic accountants to investigate a couple’s network of finances to find hidden assets and develop claims. These experts can, if need be, testify in court about their findings.

Margaret practices in Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado, Yolo, Sutter and San Joaquin Counties.

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